What is Redundant Power Supply?

Redundant Power Supply

Dual Power Supply Redundancy

AltusHost offer the option of redundant or dual power supplies, so that in the event of one power supply failing, one or more independent power supplies are able to power the server. This is important for mission critical applications because each power supply is capable of powering the entire server by itself.

A/B Power

For customers that require additional redundancy, server reliability is further enhanced by plugging each power supply into a different circuit breaker. This redundant protection can be extended further yet by connecting each power supply to its own Uninterruptible Power Supply/ Battery Backup unit. This provides double protection from both a power supply failure and a UPS failure, so that continued operation is assured. This configuration is also referred to as 1+1 or 2N redundancy.

Benefits Of Power Options with multiple redundancy

Enhanced Redundancy

- Prevents against server outage in event of Power Supply failure

- Uses Separate circuits to prevent against single point of failure

- Redundant UPS units to protect against battery failure causing server outage

Increased Reliability

Long-Term Hardware Durability

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